Musicians draw from sights and sounds of MRI

Brain MRI

It’s usually the “image” part of medical imaging that seems to make its way into art, but musicians are also finding inspiration in the technology. For example, U.K. musician Sivu sang during real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for his debut video, whereas French singer Charlotte Gainsbourg incorporated the strange sounds of MRI into her music. Continue Reading


Do you know where your DNA is?

You’d never leave your social security number lying around in public. Or hand out your birth certificate. But who thinks twice about chewing gum or hair? In her “Stranger Visions” project, currently on display in Washington, DC, artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg created 3D portraits of people based on DNA they’d left behind. Continue Reading


DC exhibit spotlights the art of ion movement

Blackboard jungle

New York artist Steve Miller’s impressive span of work feels almost too vast to describe. It’s touched on the Amazon rainforest, fashion, protein structures, and particle accelerators, to name but a few areas. His new “Crossing the Line” exhibit in Washington, DC, pulls together works from his collaboration with Nobel-Prize-winning chemist Rod MacKinnon. Continue Reading